Sunday Morning @ FBCSF

Sunday mornings are special at FBCSF! We love to see Families worshipping together! See below for opportunities for the whole family to join in small group and corporate worship!

Sunday School

We offer Sunday School for all ages at 9:45am on Sunday Mornings! There are classes for every member of the family, so please plan to join us.

Nursery  |  Activities Building

Younger Children  |  Worship Center 2nd Floor

Older Children   |   Worship Center 1st Floor

Youth   |   Worship Center 2nd Floor

Young Adults (Taylor)  |   Worship Center 2nd Floor

Younger Couples (McLain)   |   Old Sanctuary 2nd Floor

Older Couples  1 (Moffett)   |   Activities Building

Older Couples  2  (Duck)   |   Worship Center 1st Floor

Ladies (Woven)   |   Worship Center 1st Floor

Older Women (Sarah)  |   Worship Ctr. 1st Floor

Older Men (Jeremiah)  |   Activities Building  

SunDAY Services

Morning Worship   |   11:00am                                                     Evening Worship   |   6:00pm

Wednesday Nights @ FBCSF

Family Meal @ 5pm is open to everyone! We always have plenty to eat, so join us in the Activities Building for a great meal! See below for the programs that are offered on Wednesdays!

3D Kids   |   6:00pm

Our Wednesday Night Children's Program is called 3D Kids: Discover, Develop, Disciple. Children ages 4 through 6th Grade will participate in an exciting program aimed at teaching foundations of our Christian faith. Each night contains kid's worship music, lessons, games, and other fun activities. Our 3D Kids and Families also participate in local missions and outreach service opportunities. 


Our Student Ministries Program is called BLAST: Building Lives Around Scripture & Truth. In a time when our students are presented with every temptation and theory known to man, we seek to infuse our students with the TRUTH of God's Word. BLAST meets on Wednesdays at 6 pm and students participate in games, fellowship, and Bible Study to help them grow in their faith.

Young Adult Bible Study   |   6:00pm

Our Young Adults meet on the 2nd Floor of the Worship Center for Bible Study each Wednesday night. This is a great time of in-depth look into the Word of God to grow your faith and also fellowship with others!

Adult Prayer Meeting   |   6:00pm

Our Adults meet in the Worship Center for a Devotional shared by Bro. Robert. There will also be a time to share prayer concerns. The last part of the evening will be spent in prayer. Sometimes, small groups will break up to pray together, while other times, a few people will take turns praying for the larger group. No one is required to lead in prayer. We believe in the power of prayer, and we want to remain to be a church that prays together and prays for our community!